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Smell the Coffee

I opened my first Coffee House in 1997; with nothing more then a few $100 bucks, garage sale items and help from my family and friends. In 1998 we got hit by Hurricane Georges, then Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Again without the help of family and friends, I probably would not have survived. In 2010 I opened my second location and expanded my menu and started catering events and Inflight catering. In 2017 we where hit by Hurricane Irma and took 4.5 ft of water through out the entire restaraunt. Nothing survived under that 4.5 ft line. Million in liability, but no flood insurance. I was wiped out physically, emotionally and financially, and walked away. Long story short, I bought a food truck and started a Catering Company. Now fast forward to today, Even dealing with this years obstacles, I have once again survived.

The thing that sticks out, my routine every morning, 24 years in the Coffee house, in my home, when on vacation, when traveling, and now in my new location, Opening soon “ Clouds in my Coffee Catering”. Is the “ smell of Coffee “

to start my day !

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