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Because my daughter said so !

For 21 years I had the privilege to work side by side with my daughters. Hanging in the kitchen there was a sign that said “Rule #1 Mom is the boss, Rule #2 learn rule #1.

I’m 58 and consider myself healthy, good eater, occasionally exercise, and the authority on healthy foods.

Chrissy is 38 and just had her 2nd baby, previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and now a certified health coach, and telling me what I need to eat.

Michelle is 34 , as an adult always struggled with weight and medical issues. And now diagnosed with a Thyroid issue called Hashimotos Disease. Thankfully she has a great doctor who takes great interest in helping her get on track with a good and strict diet. No gluten, no soy, no dairy, no Cruciferous vegetables, it goes on and on. At first both girls felt defeated and deprived from eating Moms good food, now they both embrace their “New life Style Change”; and teaching me a few things.

We talk Dailey, besides about the grand babies, it’s always about food, new recipes, educating each other about nutrition, healthy fats, good carbs, proteins, super foods, enzymes, gut health, probiotics and how to cook healthy food and make it taste good.

Michelle,s Rice Bowl

Brown Rice

Cucumbers pickled in rice wine vinegar

Shredded carrots

Pickled yellow beets

Sliced radish

Sliced Avacodo

Chopped romaine lettuce

Michelle did grilled Portabella, I did 2oz chicken breast both marinated in a tomato paste, honey, vinegar , coconut aminos, and spices.

The sauce on top was Low sodium, no soy, vegan mayo, sriracha.

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