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Livin life in the #FloridaKeys

Fresh whole Yellowtail Snapper, nothing like right out of the ocean to your plate. The world is under a state of emergency , for us here in the Florida Keys we are on day 6 of a “stay at home order”. So what is a Chef to do when her neighbor drops off a Yellowtail Snapper. I insisted he; Dominique gut and clean out the insides, I hate gutting fish. He was also gracious to clean off all the scales as well. I set the oven at 450 and let the oven get really hot. Oiled and salted the cavity and skin. Sliced a lemon and put half inside with crushed garlic and the rest outside. Baked for 15 minutes, till inside temp read 145. That’s it, done. If you’ve never eaten a whole fish before the bones can be daunting, don’t let that stop you from devouring it. Here’s a little secret, with a pairing knife, slice at the collarbone and tail, then run along the dorsal, a thin slice right down the middle from head to tail (follow the spine. Lift each side off the bones. Then you should be able to lift the entire skeleton from tail to head to expose the other half of the fish, this should be easy if the fish is cooked thru. i would not want to be stuck at home any other place then here in the Florida Keys.

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