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Im Chef Leigh Ann

I was raised in an Italian Family with some amazing Cooks. My grandparents came to America from Calabria and Naples. In the 40's they opened several restaurants in the New Jersey area. My mother was raised on these recipes and taught them to me. I owned and operated my own restaurant for 25years. Traveled to France, Spain and Portugal, Received my Chef Degree from Auguste Escoffier ,Filmed 24 Episodes aired on Eat This TV and You Tube Channel. My passion is food and wine, my roots are Italian, however living in the Fabulous Florida Keys over 53 years, I love to source Local Seafood and ingredients, so when ever possible I add the Caribbean Spin. Our Kitchen is small so we do our class at the front counter, which has an Induction stove built in. This makes our class cozy and personal. Lets cook, drink and have fun.

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Call us to reserve your private Cooking Class

Class size 6 people: $95-$125 per person

Most classes are Instructional, But can be done Hands on.

Class starts at 4PM and usually lasts  3 hours

$100 deposit holds the date

3 to 4 course meals, served with wine ( any menu can be adjusted to add a course and accommodate allergies

French Inspired

Mixed greens, Haricot Vert ,goat cheese, lardons and lemon vinaigrette
Fresh fish En papillote
Poached Pear with Mascarpone and toasted walnuts

Cuban Inspired
Mango, cucumber, avocado with Cilantro vinaigrette
Seafood  Enchilada over rice

Tostonis with Cilantro Aoli
Key lime pie

Italian Inspired
Shrimp scampi with Homemade Gremalade
Seared Lamb Chops with Herb sauce Authentic Risotto
Pan Seared Fruit with Mascarpone and Glazed balsamic glaze


Caribbean Inspired
Fresh local seafood Ceviche

Pan seared fresh Local fish with Chimichurri

Yellow rice and peas

Key Lime Tarts



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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